About Us

The Skokie Community Caucus (SCC) is a newly established organization aiming to establish a more transparent and community-driven approach to local governance. We are a PAC (Political Action Committee) guided by a transitional Board of Directors.
The SCC is committed to being an open book and not engaging in recruiting or running campaigns for candidates. The organization values transparency and wants to ensure that local politics are conducted openly and ethically. By encouraging community members to get involved in building the SCC, the organization is fostering a sense of civic engagement and empowering residents to have a direct say in the governance of their community.

Allowing official candidates to seek endorsement while not directly influencing the election process, the SCC is promoting fair competition and diverse representation. The SCC's intention to implement term limits and restrict village employees from serving on the board or committees suggests a commitment to preventing the consolidation of power and promoting turnover and diversity within leadership positions.