The Skokie Caucus Party is pleased to share the 2023 Board of Directors:

Chairman: Mike Shah
Vice-Chair: Jeff Burman
Treasurer/Secretary: Diana Rumsley

Elline Eliasoff, Cindy Franklin, Tali Alter Gevaryahu, Will Haben, Pramod Joshi, Paul Luke, Syed Mahmood, Brian O’Donnell, Swarupa Pahan, Chirag Patel, Linda Perlin, and Dov Pinchot
Ready to go

Uniting Skokie for a Strong Community

The SCC is a community-centered organization with an open and objective endorsement process. Additionally, the SCC may support other worthy causes, efforts, and initiatives beneficial to the Skokie community.


Members of the new SCC work to preserve, encourage, and facilitate a stable Village government that is transparent, responsive, inclusive, and free from partisan politics, divisiveness, and special interest.

Empower people to unite around the idea

Why the Skokie Community Caucus?

The Skokie Community Caucus (SCC) is a new organization (PAC), an open book, and a new process managed by a transitional and temporary board. The reform board will gradually be replaced as the SCC takes root.

Get involved as we rebuild the SCC.

The Skokie Community Caucus will not recruit, slate, or run the campaigns of candidates for municipal office; however, official candidates may seek an endorsement. In addition, term limits are expected, and Village employees may not serve on the board or committees.

Community Events

The Skokie Community Caucus is, at our core, all about community.

The Endorsement Process

Interested in Joining the SCC?

Join our membership to find out more about our upcoming events, outreach and fundraisers.